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Business organizations join forces to support Saskatoon’s family enterprises

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and Family Business Association of Saskatoon (FBAS) are joining forces to ensure Saskatoon’s family-owned and operated enterprises thrive into the future.

FBAS will maintain an independent board with its events, marketing and membership administered through the Chamber. Under the partnership, FBAS members will see a significant reduction in annual dues and members of both organizations will benefit from joint events, programs and services.
“As Saskatoon’s biggest business network, the Chamber is thrilled to partner with FBAS to support the family enterprises, small businesses and entrepreneurs that drive our economy,” says Jason Aebig, CEO. “These businesses play an outsized role in job creation, innovation and community development. When they succeed, we all benefit.”
Family enterprises are among the 150,000 small businesses that are the backbone of Saskatchewan’s economy, and primary job creators, accounting for more that 95 percent of businesses operating in our province and representing nearly one-third of Saskatchewan’s GDP and workforce.
“Family businesses make a unique contribution to our economy but they are also unique in the opportunities and challenges they face,” explains Tyler Case, FBAS Board Chair, pointing to the smaller networking events and exclusive “Personal Advisory Circles” FBAS offers its members. “Family business owners are required to manage family dynamics at the same time that they are leading businesses, which is why it’s important for these leaders to connect, share experiences and support each other.”
He continued: “Our new partnership with the Chamber is an excellent fit and will ensure that the interests of Saskatoon’s family enterprises and their advisors continue to be well-served and supported.”
To learn more about FBAS or join as a member, visit
Jason Aebig, Chamber CEO                           Tyler Case, FBAS Chair
Phone: 306-664-0700                                        Phone: 306-966-1209
Email:              Email:
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